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Part Number Description Manufacturer Brand Price & Lead Time
C104HS/PCI IEI C104HS/PCI PCI bus, 4 port RS-232 board with surge protection IEI Request Quote
C168H IEI C168H Series Smartio Easy-to-use 8 Port Serial Board IEI Request Quote
C168H/PCI IEI C168H/PCI System - PCI bus, 8 port smart serial board IEI Request Quote
C218T IEI C218T - ISA bus, 8-port intelligent serial board IEI Request Quote
CI-104J IEI CI-104J - ISA bus, 4-port RS-232 board with RJ45 connectors IEI Request Quote
CP-104UL IEI CP-104UL Universal PCI bus, 4 port RS-232 Serial Board (Cable Included), LP & Std Bracket included IEI Request Quote
CP-132 CP-132 - 2-port RS-422/485 board IEI Request Quote
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