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AFOLUX Multimedia Touch Monitor for PPC-2710GS

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IEI AFL Multimedia Touch Monitor 7"~19" AFL Multimedia Touch Monitor The innovative yet elegant AFL Multimedia monitors with built in speakers are easily implemented in diverse applications including motor vehicles, surveillance devices and digital signage solutions. Remote Contorl Stand IP 64 Compliant for OSD Functions Touch Screen Five Video Inputs Ambient PIP Function Remote Control nputs Light Sensor AFL Multimedia Touch Monitor Features 7”~19” TFT LCD Monitor Remote control for OSD functions Elegant design with durable and light plastic construction Picture-in-Picture (PIP) function Multiple video inputs are suitable for more applications Supports panel, wall, rack or VESA stand mounting (Optional) Built-in speakers Supports RS-232 or USB touch screen panel (Optional) Ambient light sensor (ALS) detects ambient light for automated IP 64 compliant plastic front panel screen adjustments to optimize viewing. RoHS compliant (For AFL-15M/17M/19M only) Stylish Design The clean and refreshingly simple looks of the AFL monitors provide an aesthetic interface for public area applications (e.g. ATMs) and industrial solutions (e.g. operator terminal). Stylish Design Light Weight Construction Only Half Weight Light weight construction ensures the AF of DM Series can be rack mounted, panel mounted and mounted on a VESA stand. Light Weight Construction High Quality Audio Built-in Two built-in speakers deliver dual 1.5/3 watts ʌ sound for your multimedia enjoyment. High Quality Audio Built-in 5 Video Inputs The AFL-15M/17M/19M have multiple video inputs through common video connectors including VGA, DVI-D, S-Video, component and BNC video input interfaces. The 5-in-1 system connects to a wide range of devices and most electronic appliances. (The AFL-07M/08M/10M/12M has a 4-in-1 system with VGA,S-Video, Component and Composite) 5 Video Inputs DVD Player Component +LJK'H¿QLWLRQ DVI-D 4-channel PC Base DVR Fanless System VGA CCD Camera NDSP 1 AFL Multimedia Touch Monitor AFL-07M/08M/10M/12M AFL-15M/17M/19M 4-in-1 Multiple Video Input System LQ0XOWLSOH9LGHR,QSXW6\VWHP '9,'$GGHG speaker Standard VESA Mounting Standard VESA mounting Speaker 12V DC Inpu Audio (Line in OSD KEY PAD S-Video U VGA eaker USB for Touch screen Component Audio (Line in) RS-232 for Touch screen RS-232 for Touch screen Composite BNC Connector DVI-D S-Video Component VGA PIP Functions PIP enables a second video/image to be viewed in a small on-screen window. Images from other sources including DVR and DVD devices can also be viewed in the PIP window. Main Source Setting PIP Functions The small onscreen window can be easily resized and moved to a specified PIP Zone onscreen location. Alternatively, “picture-outside-picture” (POP) can be implemented by dividing the screen into two equally sized portions with two different outputs being displayed on either screen. PIP Settings : Three sizes including small, medium and large Four positions including upper left, lower left, upper right and lower right. Independent PIP widow color controls (brightness, contrast, hue and saturation) A blend function makes the PIP transparent Main screen and sub screen can’t display BNC/S-Video or VGA/YPbPr inputs at the same time Picture In Picture Side by Side Picture In Picture Side by Side (Video on Video) (Video & Video) (Video on Graphics) (Video & Graphics) Full OSD Functions Integrated OSD functions under the front panel enables convenient monitor configuration. Image, display ,PIP, color and system configurations can all be set with the hidden OSD. Full OSD Functions below the monitor Image System Color Left UP Auto LCD ON/OFF OSD Keypad is designed for AFL-15M/17M/19M PIP Display 2 AFL Multimedia Touch Monitor Remote Control for OSD Functions Auto Dimming LCD ON/OFF Hot-keys on the remote control include PIP zone, main source OK Main Source setting, auto-dimming, brightness, contrast and volume. Remote Setting Auto- control hot-keys ensure easy configuration of the AFL. adjustment/Exit PIP Zone Brightness Remote Control for OSD Functions Contrast Mute Volume Ambient Light Sensor The AFL 15M, 17M and 19M models with a mbient light sensor ensures your monitor performs optimally in all lighting conditions. The ambient ALS can be turned on or off according to the users Ambient Light Sensor preference and the operational environment. Some of the AFL benefits include: Higher Ambient Lower Ambient Illuminance Illuminance Reduces cost of operation by reducing the power usage ALS is placed on the front side ,where there is an Extends backlight life opening for light Provides comfortable viewing Superior Image Quality-Functions Advanced patented imaging technology on the AFL LCD controller ensures the IEI AFL has superior video quality. The AFL multimedia touch monitors with the advanced LCD monitor controller supports resolutions up to and including WUXGA. The monitors are mid-range cost effective LCD TVs with PC and HDTV connectivity. With VGA/YPbPr video input, the AFL multimedia monitors can accept 1080i high resolution images. $GYDQFHGSDWHQWHGLPDJLQJWHFKQRORJ\RQWKH$)//&'FRQWUROOHULQFOXGHV5HVSRQVH7LPH&RPSHQVDWLRQ 57& DQG 'LUHFWLRQDO&RUUHODWLRQ'HLQWHUODFLQJ '&'L DQGHQVXUHVWKH,(,$)/KDVVXSHULRUYLGHRLPDJHTXDOLW\ Motion blur in motion videos is prevented by RTC technology that Jagged edges on diagonal lines caused by interpolation are enables the LCDs to respond as fast as CRTs. eliminated with the DCDi video mode algorithm. With RTC Without RTC 3 AFL Multimedia Touch Monitor Superior Image Quality-Testing Panel manufacturing processes may cause inconsistencies in an LCDs image quality. To ensure each panel produced has consistent image quality, each panel is tested by IEI’s unique color adjustment system based on gamma curve, gray balance, and white balance measurement standards. Color Adjustment Dark Room If a display device does not have the proper gamma response, the picture will be less than satisfactory. If the gamma is too low, the picture will have to much contrast and will loose detail. If it is too high, the picture will be washed out. Lower gamma value Proper gamma value Higher gamma value Industrial Grade Compliance The touch panel with PIP assists production management IP 64 Compliant The IP 64 compliant AFL-xxM series front panel guarantees the highest level of ingress protection against dust and low pressure water spray. The AFL monitors can with stand any industrial environment where dust and drizzle is encountered. RS-232 or USB Touch Panel AFL-xxM series supports 4/5 wire resistive touch BNC Second Source- Surveillance Image screen via an RS-232 or a USB interface. The optional touch panel can withstand the demanding VGA Main Source-Production Management Software requirements of harsh industrial environments and outdoor applications such as POS, kiosks, retail, transportation, gaming, and surveillance. 4 AFL Multimedia Touch Monitor Best Choices for Multimedia Applications AFL-07M/08M/10M Transportation AFL-12M/15M Retail Solution AFL-17M/19M Advertising and Gaming Platform 5 AFL Multimedia Touch Monitor Industrial Grade Compliance VESA Mounting Standards The AFL-M series has four mounting holes compliant with the VESA mounting standard (75mm x 75mm/ 100mm x 100mm) on the rear panel for stand mounting and other mounting methods. Stand KIT Panel mount kits Wall mount kits 6 AFL Multimedia Touch Monitor Specifications will be availabe in w wi wi will be available in the i the end of the end of August August Brightness Brightness end of August Model AFL-07M AFL-08M AFL-08MH AFL-10M AFL-12M AFL-15M AFL-17M AFL-19M Display Size 7" 8.4" 8.4" 10.4" 12.1" 15" 17" 19" 800 x 480 800 x 600 800 x 600 1024 x 768 1024 x 768 1024 x 768 1280 x 1024 1280 x 1024 Max Resolution (WVGA) (SVGA) (SVGA) (XGA) (XGA) (XGA) (SXGA) (SXGA) Brightness (cd/m²) 350 220 450 400 450 350 300 300 Contrast Ratio 400:1 500:1 500:1 1200:1 700:1 400:1 800:1 800:1 LCD Color 262K 262K 262K 16.2M 262K 262K 16.7M 16.7M 0.1905(H) x 0.0685(H) x Pixel Pitch (mm) 0.213(H) x 0.213(V) 0.213(H) x 0.213(V) 0.240(H) x 0.240(V) 0.297(H) x 0.297(V) 0.264(H) x 0.264(V) 0.294(H) x 0.294(V) 0.1905(V) 0.2055(V) Viewing Angle (H/V) 140º/100º 130º/110º 120º/100º 160º/160º 160º/160º 120º/100º 160º/160º Backlight MTBF 30000 20000 50000 ( Hrs) 1. BNC Connector (NTSC/PAL) 1. Composite (NTSC/PAL) 2. YPbPr Input Video Signal 2. YPbPr 3. S-Video Connector 3. S-Video 4. VGA 4. VGA 5. DVI Audio In AMP 1.5W + AMP 1.5W (internal speaker) AMP 3W + AMP 3W (internal speaker) 1. Ambient Light Sensor IR Sensor Extension 2. IR Sensor (Remote Control) (Remote Control) Construction Front ABS and PC Plastic front frame Panel Contruction Chassis Aluminum Chassis Power Adapter 36W 60W On Screen Display 1. OSD Keypad below the Front Panel Remote Control for OSD Functions (OSD) 2. Remote Control for OSD Functions OSD Buttons: Power, Left, Up, Down, Right ,Menu Image (Brightness, Contrast ,Sharpness), OSD:Image (Brightness, Contrast ,Sharpness), Display (Auto Adjust, Phase , Clock,Display Control) Display (Auto Adjust, Phase, Clock,Display Control) User's Controls PIP(Pip On/Off, Pip Input Select, Pip Size, Pip Position ,Pip Color Controls, Blend) PIP(Pip On/Off, Pip Input Select, Pip Size, Pip Position ,Pip Color Color (Auto Color, Color Tmperature, sRGB) Controls, Blend) System (Audio, Factory Reset , Information, Input select, Misc) Color (Auto Color, Color Tmperature, sRGB) System(Audio, Factory Reset , Information, Input select, Misc) Panel / Wall mounting Panel / Wall mounting Wall mounting Mounting (VESA 75 x 75mm) (VESA 75 x 75mm / 100 x 100mm) (VESA 100 x 100mm) Dimension (WxHxD) 233.86 x 183.86 x 233.86 x 183.86 x 393.06 x 308.06 x 469.94 x 382.46 x 226 x 140 x 40.18 276 x 227 x 50.7 304 x 246 x 49.5 428 x 350 x 65 (mm) 41.09 41.09 61 67 Operation 0~+50°C Temperature (°C) Net Weight (Kg) 0.88 1.14 1.14 1.33 2.12 3.2 5.0 5.6 Front Panel IP 64 Compliant Protection 7 AFL Multimedia Touch Monitor Options AFL-07M AFL-08M AFL-12M AFL-12M AFL-15M AFL-17M AFL-19M Panel Mounting Kits AFLPK-07 AFLPK-08 AFLPK-10 AFLPK-12 N/A Wall Mounting Kits AFLWK-07 AFLWK-08 AFLWK-10 AFLWK-12 AFLWK-15 AFLWK-17 AFLWK-19 Rack Mounting Kits AFLRK-07 AFLRK-08 AFLRK-10 AFLRK-12 N/A LCD Monitor Stand STAND-A08 STAND-A08 STAND-A12 STAND-A12 STAND-A19 / STAND-B19 Packing List Item Part No. Remark Power Cord 32000-000002-RS Length:180cm VGA Cable 32000-036200-RS Length:180cm Audio Cable 32000-036500-RS Length:180cm Component Cable 32000-083700-RS Length:10cm Remote Control Touch Pen Component Extend Cable 32000-088100-RS Length:170cm DVI Cable 32000-086600-RS Length:180cm for AFL-15M / 17M / 19M 36W Power Adapter 63000-FSP0361AD101C-RS for AFL-07M / 08M / 10M / 12M 60W Power Adapter 63000-FSP0601AD101C-RS for AFL-15M / 17M / 19M User's Manual CD-ROM 7B000-000087-RS Remote Control 7Z000-8T00322ICP01G-RS Component Cable Component Extend Cable Touch Pen XTR104-0002-RS for Touch Screen Models Touch Screen RS-232 Cable 32000-000098-RS Length:180cm for Touch Screen Models Ordering Information 7" AFL Multimedia Touch Monitor AFL-07M 7" 350cd/m² WVGA LCD Monitor, Plastic Front Panel, Gray Color, RoHS 7" 350cd/m² WVGA LCD Monitor, Plastic Front Panel, Gray Color, With 7" Touch Screen, RoHS W Wide Screen ide Screen AFL-07M/T-R will be available in the end of August 8.4" AFL Multimedia Touch Monitor 8.4" 220cd/m² SVGA LCD Monitor, Plastic Front Panel, Gray Color, RoHS AFL-08M AFL-08M/T-R 8.4" 220cd/m² SVGA LCD Monitor, Plastic Front Panel, Gray Color, With 8.4" Touch Screen, RoHS 8.4" 450cd/m² High Luminance SVGA LCD Monitor, Plastic Front Panel, Gray Color, RoHS AFL-08MH AFL-08MH/T-R 8.4" 450cd/m² High Luminance SVGA LCD Monitor, Plastic Front Panel, Gray Color, With 8.4" Touc 10.4" AFL Multimedia Touch Monitor AFL-10M 10.4" 400cd/m² XGA LCD Monitor, Plastic Front Panel, Gray Color, RoHS will be availabe in AFL-10M/T-R 10.4" 400cd/m² XGA LCD Monitor, Plastic Front Panel, Gray Color, With 10.4" Touch Screen, RoHS the end of August 12.1" AFL Multimedia Touch Monitor AFL-12M 12.1" 450cd/m² XGA LCD Monitor,Plastic Front Panel, Gray Color, RoHS 12.1" 450cd/m² XGA LCD Monitor, Plastic Front Panel, Gray Color, With 12.1" Touch Screen, RoHS AFL-12M/T-R 15" AFL Multimedia Touch Monitor 15" 350cd/m² XGA LCD Monitor, Plastic Front Panel, Gray Color, RoHS AFL-15M AFL-15M/T-R 15" 350cd/m² XGA LCD Monitor, Plastic Front Panel, Gray Color, With 15" Touch Screen, RoHS 17" AFL Multimedia Touch Monitor AFL-17M 17" 300cd/m² SXGA LCD Monitor, Plastic Front Panel, Gray Color, RoHS 17" 300cd/m² SXGA LCD Monitor, Plastic Front Panel, Gray Color,With 17" Touch Screen, RoHS AFL-17M/T-R 19" AFL Multimedia Touch Monitor AFL-19M 19" 300cd/m² SXGA LCD Monitor, Plastic Front Panel, Gray Color, RoHS AFL-19M/T-R 19" 300cd/m² SXGA LCD Monitor, Plastic Front Panel, Gray Color, With 19" Touch Screen, RoHS 8 AFL Multimedia Touch Monitor Dimensions AFL-07M AFL-08M AFL-10M AFL-12M 9 AFL Multimedia Touch Monitor AFL-15M AFL-17M AFL-19M 10 AFL Multimedia Touch Monitor China Headquarters America-United States Armorlink SH Corp. IEI Technology Corp. IEI Technology USA Corp. TEL : +86-21-54429000 FAX : +86-21-54429100 Tel: +1-909-595-2819 Fax: +1-909-595-2816 TEL : +886-2-86916798 FAX : +886-2-66160028 No.515, Shenfu Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China No. 29, Jhongsing Rd.,Sijhih City,Taipei County, 221, Taiwan 168 University Parkway, Pomona, CA 91768

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IEI Boards' parent company, GID Industrial, specializes in procuring industrial parts. We are able to find rare and obsolete equipment that our customers need so they can get back to business. We know you have many options when it comes to making your purchase, and we appreciate the opportunity to show your our commitment to quality.

Will there be a warranty for the AFL-07M/AFL-08M?

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The warranty we offer will be based on what we negotiate with our suppliers. There are some situations where a part is sold without a warranty. Since we specialize in single board computers, they usually receive a one-year warranty.

Which companies are available as carriers?

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We use FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS. We usually ship on our own accounts, but if you would like to provide us with your own, we can do that, as well. We are not limited to those, however, and can use other carriers at your request.

I don't live in the USA. Will IEI Boards work with me?

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IEI Boards will definitely serve you. We do a lot of business with customers outside the USA, and we regularly ship to buyers across the globe as a result.

Will IEI Boards accept my preferred method of payment?

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Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are all accepted by IEI Boards. You can also pay with a wire transfer or PayPal. If you're in the USA, you can send a check. We may, upon approval, be able to offer terms for larger orders.

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One of our top priorities is maintaining our business with precision, and we are constantly looking for affiliates that can help us achieve our goal. With the aid of GID Industrial, our obsolete product management has never been more efficient. They have been a great resource to our company, and have quickly become a go-to supplier on our list!

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With our strict fundamentals and high expectations, we were surprised when we came across GID Industrial and their competitive pricing. When we approached them with our issue, they were incredibly confident in being able to provide us with a seamless solution at the best price for us. GID Industrial quickly understood our needs and provided us with excellent service, as well as fully tested product to ensure what we received would be the right fit for our company.



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Our company provides services to aid in the manufacture of technological products, such as semiconductors and flat panel displays, and often searching for distributors of obsolete product we require can waste time and money. Finding GID Industrial proved to be a great asset to our company, with cost effective solutions and superior knowledge on all of their materials, it’d be hard to find a better provider of obsolete or hard to find products.

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Over the years, the equipment used in our company becomes discontinued, but they’re still of great use to us and our customers. Once these products are no longer available through the manufacturer, finding a reliable, quick supplier is a necessity, and luckily for us, GID Industrial has provided the most trustworthy, quality solutions to our obsolete component needs.

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This company has been a terrific help to us (I work for Trican Well Service) in sourcing the Micron Ram Memory we needed for our Siemens computers. Great service! And great pricing! I know when the product is shipping and when it will arrive, all the way through the ordering process.

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When I can't find an obsolete part, I first call GID and they'll come up with my parts every time. Great customer service and follow up as well. Scott emails me from time to time to touch base and see if we're having trouble finding something.....which is often with our 25 yr old equipment.

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